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Entry #3


2008-12-03 08:18:50 by bamsebomsen

Why halo thar,

OK, so I fucked up on the whole "summer blog thingy", but I really don't like blog, I really don't.
But since I get a idea or something to say once every couple of years, I think I should share it with the community.

So the "Tory's Top Ten Things To Terrify" is back and a look on how it is up in North-Norway in the winter. Well, most snowy and cold. Really, really cold. Specially if you're in the military like me.

Here in Norway you have to join the military one way or another (unless you're a male rapist), if you're between the age of 18 and 44 you are most likely been or going to be in the military soon.
And the military just loves to be outside, all the time, in -20 celsius. WOHO!

Again, these are thing that irritates me in the winter but also things I don't want to disappear since it would be boring without them.

First on the list;
Whores. Not prostitutes, but whores: Girls who wear almost nothing and complains about the cold.
Warm clothes GET! Don't get me wrong, I love loose girls but it's just fucking irritating when half the pub are blond, dumb, short skirt wearing, beautiful legged, wet lipped, big boobed... Where was I?
On another note: It gives you an exuse to dryhump!

Next one comes tomorrow. (yeah right)



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2009-01-18 18:18:09

Impressive... ;D